Leather, suede, & fur garments have distinct characteristics that set them apart from regular fabrics. They’re delicate, durable, and surely expensive. And so, cleaning them requires a delicate touch, a keen understanding of their properties, and a commitment to preserving their original beauty.

At B&C Cleaners, we have years of experience dry cleaning & restoring many types of leather, suede, and fur items, including vintage pieces and accessories. We proudly offer our Leather, Fur, & Suede Cleaning Services and the nearby areas. You can rely on us for prompt and high-quality service without fail.

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What is Leather, Suede, & Fur Cleaning Service?

The Suede, Fur, & Leather Cleaning Service at B&C Cleaners is a comprehensive and specialized solution designed to cater to the unique needs of these exceptional materials. Unlike regular fabrics, these materials require careful handling to ensure their quality is preserved. Our dry cleaners have deep knowledge of their unique attributes, including their textures, colors, and structures.

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We Offer Free Pickup and Delivery

Simplify your leather, suede, and fur cleaning experience with our convenient free pickup and delivery service. Schedule a pickup at your convenience. Then, our skilled team will collect your items and bring them to our facility. Our service includes thorough cleaning, conditioning, and restoration. After passing our final inspection, we’ll promptly deliver them back to your doorstep. Elevate your garment care routine with B&C Cleaners today!

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    Quality Dry Cleaning and Laundry

    Our experts only use eco-friendly products in all garments they clean. This ensures that your garments are cleaned, pressed, and returned to you in impeccable condition.

      Wedding Gown Cleaning & Preservation

      We clean all types and designs of wedding gowns. We then carefully package them in an acid-free box for long-term preservation.

        Bedding & Household Items

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            B&C Cleaners will clean your order & return it to you in as little as 6 hours.

            Top Rated

            B&C Cleaners has the highest Google ratings of any dry cleaner in the Harrison and Marion Counties.


            We'll meet you at your home, office, or our retail store.  We meet you on your schedule.

            High Quality

            We hire the best textile experts, so you'll know you're always getting the best clean.


            How often should I have my leather and fur garments cleaned

            Leather and fur garments should ideally be cleaned once a year. This frequency helps maintain their appearance and extend their lifespan.

            Can you clean and restore vintage fur coats?

            Absolutely. Our experts have experience in handling vintage fur coats. They can provide cleaning and restoration services to bring them back to life.

            What is included in your leather cleaning service?

            All leather garments that we clean include the following services: cleaning, conditioning, re-coloring, pressing, and deodorization.

            Do You Provide Pickup and Delivery Services in My Area?

            We offer free pickup and delivery services in Marshall and the surrounding areas. Contact us to check if we serve your location and schedule your convenient pickup.

            Can You Clean Other Types of Clothing and Textiles?

            Certainly! We provide a range of dry cleaning services for regular clothing, bedding, and area rugs. We even offer alterations and repairs to help you achieve that perfect fit.

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